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Living with Celiac Disease

Couple Preparing Dinner

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Preventing cross-contamination is important to ensure a strict gluten-free diet. Our team has developed a checklist to self-assess the risk of cross-contamination. You can access the list here.

Budgeting the Gluten-Free Diet

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions on how to budget the gluten-free diet.

Grocery Shopping
Cosmetic Products

Gluten-Free Self Care

Wondering if you need to worry about the gluten content in your favourite cosmetic and hygenic products?
Click the link below to find out.

Dining Out with Celiac Disease

Learn how to navigate eating out safely with celiac disease.

Bite to Eat
Best Friends

Socializing with celiac disease

Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. Click the link below for guidance on socializing with celiac disease.

Living with Celiac: Services
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